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Company Profile

PROMETEK is a widely recognized expert in steel manufacturing, specializing in the North American electrical energy transmission and distribution (T&D) market.

At PROMETEK, we pride ourselves on meeting the industry’s highest quality standards for steel structures, thus ensuring our clients’ complete satisfaction. We understand the importance to our customers of meeting deadlines, and we constantly strive to optimize and improve our efficiency, to honour our commitments.

Our core business includes the design and manufacture of:

  • Lattice transmission towers
  • Electrical substations
  • Tubular towers
  • Capacitor platforms
  • Telecommunications towers
    Electrical equipment supports

PROMETEK is now part of the PMI Structures group – a move that creates excellent synergy, increases our production capacity, leverages our expertise and, ultimately, improves our competitiveness.  The group’s facilities – in Quebec City and Rimouski, Canada – now occupy a total of 75,000 square feet.

PROMETEK is qualified to execute transmission line and electrical substation manufacturing projects anywhere in North America. We have a skilled workforce of 150 team members, distributed evenly between both locations. PROMETEK has been in business since 2000, and PMI Structures since 1951.


Our CNC machines can process all structural shapes, as angles (L) up to 6x6x3/4, by shearing, punching and marking. Other shapes, having larger dimensions, are milled by drilling, sawing and marking, such as , angles (L) up to 10 x10x1-9/16 inches, beams (H) and channels of 44 inches in height, and hollow sections (HSS) having 44 inches wide by 17-3/4 high.